Canada’s Organizations for Health Action (HEAL) fully supports the premiers’ July 2015 announcements.  In a communiqué issued on behalf of the Council of the Federation, the premiers noted that Canada’s aging population will have an impact on service delivery in all jurisdictions and requires secure funding. The premiers have also called on the federal government to “commit to increase the envelope of the Canada Health Transfer so its share of health care costs represents a minimum of 25 per cent of all health care spending by provinces and territories.”

The premiers’ recommendations align with proposals HEAL put forward in its pivotal Consensus Statement - The Canadian Way: Accelerating Innovation and Improving Health System Performance - issued in December 2014:

As stated in The Canadian Way:

It is the consensus opinion of HEAL’s membership that it is reasonable for the federal government to provide a stable proportion of funding that stands at no less than 25% of total provincial and territorial spending on health services.In other words, one out of every four dollars spent

on health care by the provinces and territories should come from the federal government. Based on the most recent publicly available information, the current formula stands at 22.8%. To move to a 25% federal share of provincial and territorial health spendingin 2014 would require the CHT to increase by $3.1 billion to $35.2 billion.

The premiers and HEAL point out that stable funding is a foundational requirement if Canada wants to encourage the kind of health system transformation and innovation that will ensure the sustainability of our national health-care system.