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The Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA), the national voice of psychiatry, appreciates the opportunity to respond to the call for submission by the Advisory Panel on Health Innovation.

While innovation is an often overused term, the CPA is very pleased to see the federal government show leadership in looking at how proven, applied health innovations can have an impact in providing Canadians with better health, better care and better value – which are the foundation of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple-Aim approach.

While the CPA shares the view that we need to accelerate the pace at which we need to transform the health system from an organization, finance, delivery and management perspective, an important component is to develop national mechanisms that communicate on-the-ground innovations that are having a cost-effective impact. Currently, this is not in place.

We know there are pockets of excellence that exist across this country, however, we do not have the national mechanisms, strategies and resources to disseminate them across governments and providers, nor do we always have in place the combination of sustainable change management strategies that will ensure their long-term adoption. Clearly, we have work to do, and we look forward to the findings of the Panel.

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