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    HEAL Applauds Health Committee Work on Pharmacare: Ideal combination of better coverage for less cost is possible Read Press Release Read More
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    HEAL Offers Solutions for Health Accord: HEAL has issued a policy roadmap for health reforms: "The Canadian Way", which recommends targeted funding including... Read Press Release Read More
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HEAL has commissioned a report intended to inform and engage Canadians in a necessary public discussion about leadership options for federal, provincial and territorial governments, and other stakeholders.

The report addresses a number of important overarching questions including, what is the appropriate role for the federal government as it relates to health in light of Canada’s decentralized health system? What is the best way to manage the interdependence and independence of Canada’s jurisdictions when it comes to reform of health care delivery? How accountabilities and authorities for health and health care renewal need to be aligned in the future?

The report contains 15 key findings informed by a series of interviews with senior thought leaders in the health system, an on-line survey of members from HEAL and the Canadian Health Leadership Network, and a five-country international literature review.

The report identifies a number of specific health policy issues which require effective federal and provincial and territorial government leadership. These include: chronic disease management, home care & long-term care, access and wait times, and mental health.

The report further outlines three broad approaches that range from maintaining the status quo to active federal leadership to “buy change” and improve the overall quality, access, accountability and transparency of Canada’s health system.

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